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Testimonial - Arron Hopkinson

Arron Hopkinson

Our Game helped me to get treatment quickly and efficiently. I was able to get an MRI scan within a week from when the injury occurred and treatment from then on. Claiming back the money for each treatment was quick and...

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Testimonial - Emmanuel Oyeleke

Emmanuel Oyeleke

Being a member of Our Game has really given me a load of benefits that I wouldn't have had without the service they provide. Unfortunately for me I sustained an ACL injury during the off season before the 2016/17 season and I...

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Testimonial - Kevin Amankwaah

Kevin Amankwaah

Although I'm a member of the PFA, I turned to Our Game for help when I got injured because of the good things I had heard about them, and when I needed them soon after joining, they did everything they said they could and more...

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Testimonial - Michael Charles

Michael Charles

Week in and week out I see things for non league footballers being injured and needing fundraisers from fans. It's brilliant fans will do that but there is a much better way! All players should get Our Game to look after...

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Testimonial - Nathan Daly

Nathan Daly

Initially when I got injured I thought that I would be able to rehab myself and get fit from working hard in the gym, as this is what I have done in the past since I left the professional game. I soon worryingly realised...

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Testimonial - Tommy Brewer

Tommy Brewer

One of the best decision I ever made. I signed up to Our Game in 2015 and ended up doing my MCL. Being a member saved me from lots more problems though as Our Game covered me in every area for scans and seeing doctors ...

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