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This membership category has been designed for referees, grounds people and physiotherapists to those responsible for the kit, changing rooms and everything else in between. As club staff and volunteers, many hours are spent doing the necessary jobs to enable football clubs to run in the way they do, with a great many of those hours at non-league or amateur level being done for free or very little money.

The Our Game Staff membership provides an easy way for the various staff and volunteers that contribute these hours to be able to help themselves and to also benefit because of their commitment to the cause.

A unique opportunity exists to utilize our infrastructure and ever growing network to better support and enhance the work being done on behalf of clubs and reward those who do the work. Membership here will enable all to access the “Our Game Injury & Rehab Fund” for the “no brainer” level of coverage that all members get access to, and be able to also provide this option to their family members also.

Additionally, the range of Our Game services shown below are also available to members, allowing them to benefit in many more ways than just in terms of health, injury & rehab costs. With a network of fellow staff and volunteers now available as an option to connect with, look for opportunities and learn from, the time a staff member or volunteer gives to their club, can now be made even more productive both for the club and the Staff member.

Using our experience, expertise and contacts, can we help you organize your required tasks more effectively and utilize your collective strengths even better than you do now? There are various avenues for more support and opportunities to develop in the work you are doing in an industry you love. All you need is to know where to look!

The potential for both career opportunities, enhancing your work situation, and the many life benefits that exist within this membership are there for anyone who wants it. All you need to do is be part of the non-league / amateur football community of staff and volunteers, regardless of the role, stay plugged in to our growing community, then continue to enjoy the benefits……

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Member Benefits include...

  • Guaranteed entitlements for every member to pay for rehab, injury treatment & prevention, body maintenance and recuperation via our game changing “Injury & Rehab” Fund.
  • Member exclusive discounted rates on private medical insurance to cover football as well as whole of life needs.
  • Wages protection when out injured and unable to play including provision of career ending coverage and protection for those whose contracts expire while they are out injured.
  • Additional options to protect your life away from football including life insurance, wages protection for any other job, mortgages, pensions and financial planning.
  • Assisted access to a number of leading UK football treatment specialist facilities including FIFA Medical Centre’s of Excellence among others.
  • Year round discounts on football boots and other football equipment including match and training kit, general clothing, training aids, shin pads, and much more.
  • Lifestyle services providing savings on the costs of car leasing, holidays, gym / health clubs, fitness trackers, bikes, trainers and much more.
  • Mental health support
  • Inclusion in the monthly Our Game members giveaway worth up to £3k each month!
  • A range of everyday services and benefits that will pay for your membership costs each and every year so in effect making your membership FREE!!