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An aim of "Our Game" is to provide as comprehensive a range of products as is possible. To complement the vast range of products we already offer, "Our Game" is pleased to add a unique service in the form of "Our Game" Insurance.


We know what a minefield insurance cover can be, especially where a contact sport such as football is concerned. But never forget it’s not all about costs. The most important thing is that your needs, whatever they may be, are met and your cover delivers all you expect it to. Those who think they can't afford to get insured should really ask themselves if they can afford not to be!

"Our Game" provides another option to take the strain out of finding the insurance products you need, leaving you free to get on with living your life, in the knowledge that should you want coverage and protection in any aspect of your life, you now have somewhere to turn to address all your needs.


Being without insurance is not an option!! The risks and potential costs of doing so can be life changing. Wishing you had insurance after the event, is quite simply too late.

Take the decision to protect yourself and your family from those areas of risk that could potentially negatively affect your life, while you are in control and are able to do so. For a variety of reasons, lack of adequate insurance is an issue that affects many people. Do not let it affect you.


Having done extensive research into the insurance field, we have spoken to some of the top names in the industry, in an effort to identify the best products on the market.

Whether it be income, health, life and critical illness, home, car or another form of cover you require, the "Our Game" partners are here to help and will provide you with the best value for money products, catering for your own circumstances and requirements.

A major strength of the "Our Game" Insurance team will be in sourcing and creating policies that are specific to football and this should prove to be a major benefit for you because as you probably know, as footballers we already face higher premiums on most forms of insurance.

This will ensure your premiums will always be extremely competitive especially considering the specialist and extensive cover you will be able to buy. We will be able to find and provide an insurance product that covers every aspect of your needs, so why not challenge us to make that difference to you?

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