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Player Membership - TRAINEE

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Membership benefits for Trainee



per month




per month




per month



The costs of treatment provided by a dental professional.

Up to £60 per year

Up to £120 per year

Up to £200 per year

Dental Injury

The costs of treatment from a dental professional for a dental injury arising directly or indirectly from an external impact.

Up to £200 per year

Up to £300 per year

Up to £400 per year


The cost of eye tests, prescribed glasses, contact lenses and treatments (including laser surgery), provided by a qualified ophthalmic practitioner / consultant.

Up to £60 per year

Up to £120 per year

Up to £200 per year

Consultations & Diagnostics

The costs of a consultation with a registered consultant and / or the costs of any diagnostics or scans that a registered consultant requests.

Up to £200 per year

Up to £300 per year

Up to £500 per year

(in-patient, day surgery) maximum of 20 nights/days

Cash per day patient admission / overnight stay you have in hospital for in-patient treatment.

Up to £20 per day/night

Up to £30 per day/night

Up to £40 per day/night

(Physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, chiropody & Acupuncture)

The costs of treatment provided by a registered physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or chiropodist.

Up to £150 per year

Up to £300 per year

Up to £500 per year


The costs of prescription charges from a prescription issued by a registered GP, dental professional or consultant.

Up to £25 per year

Up to £35 per year

Up to £45 per year

BUPA Health Assessment

Money off a BUPA Health Assessment of your choice that is booked through BUPA.

Up to £100 per year

Up to £150 per year

Up to £200 per year

Positive Health

Access to an online health and well-being programme.

Access to our online health assessment


24 hour access to health information and guidance on almost any health related issue.

Speak directly to a qualified nurse - 24/7 phone service

Employee Assistance Programme

24 hour telephone counselling service supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Telephone counselling - some of the problems we can help with include:

  • bereavement
  • Coping with change
  • stress, anxiety & depression
  • substance abuse

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Member Benefits include...

  • Guaranteed entitlements for every member to pay for rehab, injury treatment & prevention, body maintenance and recuperation via our game changing “Injury & Rehab” Fund.
  • Member exclusive discounted rates on private medical insurance to cover football as well as whole of life needs.
  • Wages protection when out injured and unable to play including provision of career ending coverage and protection for those whose contracts expire while they are out injured.
  • Additional options to protect your life away from football including life insurance, wages protection for any other job, mortgages, pensions and financial planning.
  • Assisted access to a number of leading UK football treatment specialist facilities including FIFA Medical Centre’s of Excellence among others.
  • Year round discounts on football boots and other football equipment including match and training kit, general clothing, training aids, shin pads, and much more.
  • Lifestyle services providing savings on the costs of car leasing, holidays, gym / health clubs, fitness trackers, bikes, trainers and much more.
  • Mental health support
  • Inclusion in the monthly Our Game members giveaway worth up to £3k each month!
  • A range of everyday services and benefits that will pay for your membership costs each and every year so in effect making your membership FREE!!