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Football. You train, you play, you win, you lose, but hopefully you enjoy it enough to choose to come back to go again on another day. Regardless of the level you play at, you will experience some unique challenges while trying to enjoy your football, and as a team of ex-players who are fully aware of these issues, we have decided to do something about it to help you!

The Our Game service has been designed to especially support non-league and amateur players who often don’t have access to the help needed to make their lives as a player as trouble free and enjoyable as possible but is also something that can make a difference to most players in the UK regardless of the level they play at.

Using just a few of our member benefits will quickly show you that when you join and become a part of #TeamOurGame, it is impossible for you to lose out! We bring together a range of services and products that will enhance and support your life both on and off the pitch like never before, including access to a UK first, being the “Our Game Injury & Rehab Fund” and the income protection options we now have that can ensure no injured player ever has to lose out financially again. Due to its special features, EVERY player will easily be able to use this fund to get their annual membership cost back each and every year regardless of whether they get injured or not. These two features alone make it an absolute “no brainer” for players to join us regardless of the level they play.

We can’t do everything for you but guarantee with our membership you will have the best possible opportunities and support available to non-league or amateur players, and we will also be able to enhance the experience of many players in the professional game, and amazingly even do this all at a zero net cost to you!