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  • Manage old playing injuries with help from our “Injury & Rehab Fund”.
  • Protect your family, future and lifestyle.
  • Access a range of essential support for both football & work.
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Being fully aware of the essential role that the nationwide army of club staff and volunteers play in the functioning of football clubs up and down the country, it seemed an obvious progression to develop an Our Game membership service for these vital contributors to the game at our level.

Many of these volunteers and staff spend more time at their club than some of the players do and are crucial to the well-being of football at our levels of the game. To make their time spent also as beneficial to them and their lives as possible and to reduce some of the burden that comes with their commitment, the Our Game Staff membership gives those club staff and volunteers who choose to engage with our services, a range of options and benefits to support and enhance their lives similar to how they support and enhance their clubs.

It's worth noting here that the Injury & Rehab Fund is a whole of life benefit so can be used for both football and non football related issues, including the management of many day to day issues that affect the quality of life of many people, including this group of staff and volunteers we are able to help too!

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