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With many players going on into management and remaining very much a part of the Non League football scene, the Our Game team were aware of a number of unique needs Non League managers had, to be able to look after themselves and their players better, and so a manager focused service was added to the available options.

Our Game Managers are able to utilise the ground breaking and UK first "Injury & Rehab Fund" with exactly the same flexibility and access as that given to those on a Player membership. The fund is not restricted to just football related issues or for the use of players, so is something that managers can very much use once part of the Our Game community. Although managers will almost certainly play less games now than they would have done in the past, there are potentially a number of issues that they could still be affected by from their playing days, whether football related or not, and also issues that they might still pick up both on and off the training pitch!

By becoming an Our Game Manager and joining our community, you not only give yourself the option to utilise the "Injury & Rehab Fund" to manage the needs for yourself and family, you also become able to lead by example and demonstrate to your players how the Fund works, and the ways in which they too would benefit from it, which ultimately for you as a manager also means happier players who will be available more often than before to be able to help you achieve your team goals on the pitch, which sounds to us like another win all round!

Look through the three levels of available support shown below and choose the one most suitable for you so you too can benefit from this leading service and make a difference to your life both in and away from football.

For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on / 0208 166 5785 where one of the team will be only too glad to help.
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