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  • Protection for your club for the cost of injured player wages.
  • Access discounted rates for a range of ad hoc treatment options including scans.
  • Join our members only group scheme for the cost of private surgery.
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Clubs who have been looking for a more effective way to protect themselves against the various costs of injury to their playing squad, now have a new option that not only covers the first team, but also all junior teams and associated individuals. Every person associated with your club can now access an essential set of benefits that will greatly improve the protection options they have while helping to reduce the impact of any injury on the club as well as the individual.

Signing up as an Our Game club means that your club will now be able to access benefits such as discounted treatment & rehab options, up to 50% off next day MRI scans (check with us for regions currently covered), an option of a "club pool" level of support for injured players who are not currently Our Game members (terms & conditions apply), a managed program of protection options at member only rates to protect players both in and away from football, and our commercial discount options including on football boots & equipment, to name but a few features.

Clubs who have players on contracts, will also be able to utilize a potentially game changing option allowing them to insure the club against the costs of having to pay these contracted wages when a player is injured and unable to play. This benefit alone could be worth thousands of pounds a year to many non league clubs at all levels, and could be the difference between a season of success or a near miss as this financial support will enable you to bring in loan players if you chose to.

With membership costing only £299+VAT (Silver membership) or £499+VAT (Gold membership) per season, the inclusive discounts on boots and equipment alone would save each club enough money to pay the membership cost and receive access to the full range of services available, so there really is no need for any club not to become a member and benefit from the services on offer. We can not stop your players getting injured, but we can make sure the cost of injury and the length of time spent out injured can be better managed and minimized, and that players will know that their welfare is being protected both on and off the pitch!

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