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Our Game is not here just for players, we are also here to support managers too. The life of a non-league or amateur manager can be a challenging one with many similarities to those issues faced by players, but also with the additional challenges and responsibilities specific to management and coaching.

We therefore wanted to open up our range of membership services to also allow managers and coaches to have the option to protect their welfare and wellbeing and be able to look after themselves and benefit in similar ways to that of Our Game Players, including by having full access to the “Our Game Injury & Rehab Fund”, which can be particularly useful to manage chronic / old playing injuries as well as many ongoing day to day needs.

Membership here again should be viewed as a “no brainer” as just like for players, Our Game Managers can easily use this fund to draw down benefits worth more than their annual membership cost each and every year regardless of whether they get injured or not. Managers can also use it to utilize the “Our Game Player Exit Medical” service and get instant value from any level of membership they choose to take.

Apart from access to the benefits of the Injury Fund, managers will also be able to benefit from the full range of Our Game services whenever they choose to, including, for example, the off field commercial services, financial planning and protection options as well as the football related services such as discounted equipment, the player search facility and support to gain further managerial and coaching qualifications.

By joining us you not only directly help yourselves with access to our range of benefits and services, but by being able to set an example to your players and directly demonstrate how essential and beneficial the Our Game service is in taking care of individual welfare, your ability to manage your club, player budgets, and fulfilling of a duty of care to your players is also potentially taken care of too as your players too benefit, meaning a positive outcome for everyone.

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Membership benefits include...

  • Guaranteed entitlements for every member to pay for rehab, injury treatment & prevention, body maintenance and recuperation via our game changing “Injury & Rehab” Fund.
  • Member exclusive discounted rates on private medical insurance to cover football as well as whole of life needs.
  • Wages protection when out injured and unable to play including provision of career ending coverage and protection for those whose contracts expire while they are out injured.
  • Additional options to protect your life away from football including life insurance, wages protection for any other job, mortgages, pensions and financial planning.
  • Assisted access to a number of leading UK football treatment specialist facilities including FIFA Medical Centre’s of Excellence among others.
  • Year round discounts on football boots and other football equipment including match and training kit, general clothing, training aids, shin pads, and much more.
  • Lifestyle services providing savings on the costs of car leasing, holidays, gym / health clubs, fitness trackers, bikes, trainers and much more.
  • Mental health support
  • Inclusion in the monthly Our Game members giveaway worth up to £3k each month!
  • A range of everyday services and benefits that will pay for your membership costs each and every year so in effect making your membership FREE!!