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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


"I have only been paid late by chairmen when I have been on a contract and I find this truly shocking as those contracts should work both ways. How on earth can management and chairmen expect players to play at their maximum whist they are p*ssed off because they haven't been paid what's owed to them. No matter what you think about a player's performance the manager / chairman should in my opinion always play their part and pay a player his wages when they are due! It is easy to say that it shouldn't affect you as players but that simply isn't as easy as it sounds is it. Once the trust is broken, its very hard to get that back and its definitely something players talk about with each other and with players at other clubs.

I've known players that couldn't pay their mortgages or rent because a chairman has been stubborn on his own power trip because we have lost a few games and they've then been slow to hand over what has been mutually agreed between club and player and a contract signed. Remember for some players, this is their only job or their football money is a part of their budget, so not getting paid could create some big problems!

On the flip side would the chairmen allow supporters to enter the ground to watch the games without handing over money on the turnstiles?? Of course they wouldn't. It's sometimes one rule for one and another rule for others. It's pathetic.

But being a footballer means you have a lot of pride and professionalism so usually just suck it up and play. That's where the players show a lot more class than these 'business men'.

I have been at a couple of part time clubs and have always been paid every week in full and on time even though I've not been on a contract, so if the club didn't want to pay the wages I wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. Luckily there has been that mutual respect and trust which has meant this has never been a problem, and this is how it should be. To be honest I think in many ways most semi pro clubs are run more professionally than the professional clubs. There's not as many chairmen and directors at non league level who regularly go on ego trips... just real people that are on a level with the players that play for them. "