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Monday, March 25, 2013


"I want to be a manager when I finish my career and there are plenty of good and bad characteristics I will take into my management style to hopefully make myself a good manager.

I have played for quite a few managers in my time, both good and bad as you would expect. If I'm honest though, I would say that the majority of them have been bad. The best manager I have played under was and is such an inspiration to me even to this day and when I become a manager, would take his footballing ethics with me for sure, play football the right way with a smile on your face and with hard work. His knowledge of the game and players was always spot on.

His team talk before the game was simply ' I want you to go out and express yourself and enjoy yourself' and sure enough that's what we did and more often than not we would win and win handsomely.

Training with the man was always good, short, sharp, always fun and always serious with it which was a great blend and also one that made you want to train. We hardly had any lads out injured for a long time all season.

His man management style was spot on as well if you wasn't starting a match, he would sit you down and explain in depth, which is a massive quality, why you wasn't playing, which made you feel a little bit better.

Another manager I have played for was not as 'clued up' tactically as the previous manager but his pure enthusiasm and motivational skills always got the best out of his players, including me, as I was in a rut football wise until he became my manager. I owe him a lot for helping me become a better player and kick starting my climb up the footballing ladder into the football league. I will always be grateful for that.

As for bad managers, well there have been quite a few. One in particular was so good to me then out of nowhere completely alienated me from the first team squad without even a reason or a chat which resulted in me being released and totally losing my way in football for a while. I will never ever forgive him for that. His man management skills soon proved to be truly appalling and ended up with him refusing to speak to me if I knocked on the door of his office unless his devious assistant manager was sat next to him. It was shocking the way he conducted himself.

After leaving me out for 2 months he then says to me one Friday 'you're starting tomorrow'. Saturday came and I wasn't even on the bench. I was fuming with that as you can imagine and I made that known. But that just summed the guy up.

Another guy I played for is a highly respected manager in the lower leagues and non league and I for one can't see why, his training was simply awful as was his conduct. He was a sandwich short of a lunchbox. The things he made us do in team meetings and the way he spoke to us was very school like and it just used to baffle me. He has a little cushy job at a club and has fallen back on that for years. The way he treated me was appalling. I remember one Monday after training when he called me into his office and told me ' you're part of my plans I have you down as a key member of my squad that can play numerous positions.' I was happy with that. Thursday after training I got called into the office again to be told' we are giving you the option to be loaned out or paid up.' It was a no-brainer! I got paid up as I didn't wanna be dictated to by a joke of a man. He was and is a moron, I just can't believe that he is still employed and good managers are out of work."