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OGF is here to help you!

OGF has been created to provide those outside of professional football with help and support for issues they may face both on and off the pitch. Though you may never have had the chance to experience the benefits of the type of support we offer, once you start to enjoy everything from discounted gym memberships to savings on all the football boots you buy from now on, you’ll wonder how you ever did without us!

In order to deliver the kind of quality you want and deserve, we have spent years recruiting the help of some of the best service providers in the country. As such, whether you need access to a personal fitness trainer, quality sports insurance or simply guidance and support from others in amateur and semi pro football, OGF will provide and deliver for you.

Even if football isn’t a source of income for you, as the game can impact on every aspect of your life, the ability to make it easier and more enjoyable must surely be a good thing.

Together, we can form a tight unit where we can help each other, utilising our respective skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of everyone, and make our team, the most important team you sign for!

How we began

The brainchild of Francis Duku, an experienced semi-professional player who spent all his career playing in the top four levels of the non-league game, OGF was created to help improve the culture surrounding semi-pro and amateur football. For too long people have complained about things they don't like, have felt let down by and want changed, but nothing has ever been done. Now, however, thanks to the work of OGF, your voice can finally be heard!

We started off by spending a great deal of time talking to players, managers and fans in order to find out their specific concerns to ensure our work is perfectly positioned to meet your needs and improve your overall experience of the game. Putting our experience and knowledge together with this information was undoubtedly a great start point for us.

However, we know the game is changing all the time and there's no way we can be static! If you see a way for us to meet our aims and improve the culture of amateur and semi-pro football even further, don’t hesitate to get in contact. OGF wants to know what you think, so we can give you what you want and deserve...

Direct experience of the game and as well as positive feedback from players, managers and fans of all ages and levels has made it clear there is a big demand for the type of services provided by OGF.

You can start experiencing the benefits for yourself in the same way our other members do! If you’re interested in joining the UK’s largest community for amateur and semi-professional footballers, why wait? Sign up now to become an integral part of the beautiful game, the people's game, Our Game! It's Our Game Football – Let's Raise It.