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Welcome to Our Game Football – a unique concept that provides a genuine platform for all of those from the world of UK football willing to come together to collectively create totally new and ground-breaking solutions for many of the challenges that we all regularly face while trying to make our chosen way through football. With a superb range of inclusive rewards, incentives and benefits also available to everybody who registers on our platform, joining Our Game Football will quickly prove to you what our other members already know, that this is without doubt the UK's number one #FootballFamily.

Our primary focus is on providing effective support to, and addressing the gaps in the semi-professional and amateur game in particular, but those involved in the professional game can also easily benefit from what we offer in a number of ways. Whether you are a player, manager, fan, parent, volunteer or have any other role in relation to a football club, Our Game Football will change your experience of football for the better and will give you a range of new options to benefit your life both in and away from football....

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Testimonial - Arron Hopkinson

Arron Hopkinson

Our Game helped me to get treatment quickly and efficiently. I was able to get an MRI scan within a week from when the injury occurred and treatment from then on. Claiming back the money for each treatment was quick and...

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Testimonial - Emmanuel Oyeleke

Emmanuel Oyeleke

Being a member of Our Game has really given me a load of benefits that I wouldn't have had without the service they provide. Unfortunately for me I sustained an ACL injury during the off season before the 2016/17 season and I...

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Testimonial - Kevin Amankwaah

Kevin Amankwaah

Although I'm a member of the PFA, I turned to Our Game for help when I got injured because of the good things I had heard about them, and when I needed them soon after joining, they did everything they said they could and more...

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Testimonial - Michael Charles

Michael Charles

Week in and week out I see things for non league footballers being injured and needing fundraisers from fans. It's brilliant fans will do that but there is a much better way! All players should get Our Game to look after...

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Testimonial - Nathan Daly

Nathan Daly

Initially when I got injured I thought that I would be able to rehab myself and get fit from working hard in the gym, as this is what I have done in the past since I left the professional game. I soon worryingly realised...

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Testimonial - Tommy Brewer

Tommy Brewer

One of the best decision I ever made. I signed up to Our Game in 2015 and ended up doing my MCL. Being a member saved me from lots more problems though as Our Game covered me in every area for scans and seeing doctors ...

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