Using the site

This site has been designed not only to be an informational site providing users with a range of reports, interviews, statistics and general information from the world of non league football, but also to provide an interactive experience that  will make your life in non league football as easy as it can be. See below for an explanation of the different ways in which you can use the features of the site.


OUR CIRCLES: Has been built to provide a networking facility for all members, but with the ability to communicate via Circles YOU create and control, so making sure the only people you communicate with are those you choose to. You will be able to use this facility to maybe find your next club as a player / manager, have banter with players you play with or against, find players for your team as a manager, research other teams ahead of a game you may have coming up, find out about possible available roles as a service provider etc. The more people on the system, the greater the capabilities and networking possibilities available among people who all have a shared interest and knowledge of non league football.

Additionally for our members who are players, uploading your picture to your profile will also give you the possibility of being offered work as a sports model via our partnership with the team from Sports on Screen.


FORUMS: Available for the different groups of members to be able to communicate with each other in a more open manner than via the Circles facility, and the easiest way of being able to communicate with large numbers of members. Each forum has restricted access dependent on the profile type you have, so the topics discussed are only viewed and able to be contributed to by the specified group of people. This way privacy is available for topics that affect specifc groups of users only. The forums have been set up as per the below for all members who have subscribed to the service:

The Changing Room - A forum for all players i.e. ASPSU members, Our Game Players, Youth Players and Vet's.

The Boot Room - A forum for managers and coaches.

The Meeting Place - A forum for all Service Providers.

The Stand - A forum for all Fans and Parent / Guardians.

The Our Game Forum - A forum open to ALL members including the Friends of Our Game Football (FOGF) profiles.


NEWS & STATS: In this section you will find all the news we have reported across the site, be it Our Game News or general Non-League News. Also contained here are a range of Stats on particular clubs and leagues so you can check fixtures, results, league tables, sequences of results, top scorers, attendances etc. There are a range of Stats available which will all get a better understanding of exactly what is going on in a number of leagues / clubs at any one time.


CLUBS: This will provide a database for all clubs in the non league pyramid. Search by any of the available fields to find the contact details and addresses for each of the clubs. Clicking on the club name in the results table of any search, will take you to another page where you can use a link to Google Maps to be able to get directions to the club by car, public transport or walking from any location you choose. A useful tool for anyone who needs to make their way to a game themselves. This is a database that will need building up over time so if there is a club missing from the available list that you are aware of, or some incorrect data on the system, please send us the details to   


SEARCH FACILITIES: Use these search facilities to find a particular type of user of the service to be able to connect and network. All search facilities have been categorised into different user types and all also feature a series of user type specific filters to enable you to narrow down your search as much as possible.