As an Our Game Player, your £10 a month membership fee gives you access to...

Friday, February 15, 2013
  • £200 a month if injury stops you being able to go to work.

  • Payments of up to £400 for specified bone breaks or ligament tears.

  • Up to  £600 for dental treatment from football injury, and a further £200 for non football related dental injury.

  • Coverage of over £1,000 that provides payments for both you AND your children towards dental and optical check ups, appointments and treatment; physiotherapy and complementary treatments; scans; consultations; health assessments and much more. (This benefit can also be used for non-football related needs.)

  • Up to £30 a day cash back for overnight stays you have in hospital. 

  • Member only access to our optional upgrades on the above benefits, and further discounted player insurance products including our comprehensive private medical policy and personal accident plans.

  • Discounts and 'cash back' on your everyday shopping both on the internet and the high street saving the average user over £1,000 per year.

  • Refunds on weekly, monthly or annual travel tickets you may have bought but can no longer use due to time off work following injury.

  • Access to the full range of 'Our Game Services.'

  • Inclusion on the Sports On Screen database for potential work as a sports model.


**Some of the above benefits are only available to those who earn less than £10k a year from playing football. Please contact us for any clarification required.**

All for £10 per month.

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