Membership Benefits



Membership Benefits


As a member of the ASPSU, you will be entitled to receive a number of benefits which we will be adding to over the near future and for the life of the union. The benefits currently in place for members are:

ASPSU membership insurance which subject to policy terms and conditions will entitle you to:

Benefit 1: Accidental Death                                                                           £50,000                                    

Benefit 2: Permanent Total Disablement from usual occupation         £50,000                                  

Benefit 3: Loss of one or more limbs                                                         £50,000                                  

Benefit 4: Loss of sight in one or both eyes                                              £50,000                                  

Benefit 5: Loss of speech                                                                             £50,000                                  

Benefit 6: Loss of hearing in (a) both ears                                                £50,000                                                                                                                        (b) one ear                                                   £25,000                                  

Benefit 7: Loss of internal organ                                                                 £30,000                                  

Benefit 8: Temporary Total Disability                                                         Up to £500 per week              

Benefit 9: Physiotherapy Treatment                                                           Up to £500 per year              

Benefit 10: Rehabilitation and Retraining                                                 Up to £2,500

(Please check the policy document for the full terms and conditions of the insurance and its benefits.)
If you play and have no insurance, have you considered "The Reality of Non League"?

Additional career and lifestyle benefits

In addition to comprehensive football insurance cover, as a result of the exclusive partnership with Our Game, you will also receive full access to our unique Our Circles networking facility and ALL of the Our Game Services


From discounts on training kit and the best football boots to exclusive rates with your high street shopping and holiday bookings, the benefits offered really are remarkable!


Safeguard your future in football today!

If you’re looking to ensure your career in football is long, enjoyable and productive, and think you would benefit from access to the UK’s only community for non-league and amateur footballers, why not sign up today? With our most expensive packages still costing less per day than the price of a sports drink, membership to the ASPSU really is something you simply can’t afford to miss out on!


To register, just click here and spend a few seconds filling in your details. It really is that simple!