Member Profiles

Signing up for the correct type of membership will ensure you are able to get the maximum benefit from being a member of Our Game. To help you identify which user type is the appropriate one for you, we have put together the following guide:


Our Game Player

Available to anyone who plays football at any level whether as a pro, semi-pro, amateur, or just for fun every now and then. This membership is aimed at those who play regular football but don't feel they have a need for any of the services provided by the ASPSU.

Signing up as an Our Game Player will give you......


Our Game Manager

Available to anyone who manages or coaches a football team at any level. The services have been designed so that EVERY manager or coach will be able to benefit from being a member, regardless of their level of football or the type of team they manage / coach. 

Signing up as an Our Game Manager will give you......


Our Game Vet' 

Available to anyone aged 35 or over who play's football and would be eligible to be classed as a "Vet" for the purposes of Vet's football. 

Signing up as an Our Game Vet' will give you......


Our Game Service Provider

Available to anyone who provides a service or is training to provide a service to a football club or any of its employees. Examples of this include physio's, ground staff, club doctors, reporters, stewards, program editors, photographers etc. The aim here is to be able to share industry specific knowledge and experiences to help develop each other's skills as well as to expand networks and find job opportunities. 

Signing up as an Our Game Service Provider will give you......


Our Game Fan

Available to all who are simply a fan of the game. Joining as an Our Game Fan will allow you to share in the benefits made available to the other member categories and use them for your life both in and away from football. 

Signing up as an Our Game Fan will give you......